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Gareth Pugh Pitti 2011

Hello again!

Well Christmas is over and I’m back to the daily. It was/is always nice to be able to step away from it all for a few weeks - to totally lose touch with my online followings. 

But fashion week(s) is nearly upon us once again so let’s just get right back into with the latest from one of my favourites.  And nothing gets the fashion flowing quite like a video for Gareth Pugh.

What do you think of this one? It’s incredibly beautiful and awesomely inspiring, albeit mildly disturbing but it wouldn’t be Gareth Pugh otherwise, but is anyone else finding the visuals slightly repetitive?  Ruth Hogben does an amazing job there is no doubt, but with so much at their disposal (and such creative minds!) one might expect to see a little more variation in techniques, even concepts.  That being said, the parts that stood out were the ones in contrast to the dance-mirror-reverb-dance-mirror-parachute bits.  The fragility expressed in the hatch-ling like scene and in the water was captivating, even mesmerizing. It was a story, one that I had not yet been told.

So what do you think? Why so little novelty? Does it take away from beauty of it all?